Low Form Shallow
open top Dewars in both Hemispherical and Cylindrical configurations are available in popular sizes to match standard flask sizes. Fully silvered glass Dewars are fully based with tip-offs off center for use with stirrers.
Lab Grade Line
encompasses a full range of sizes of fully silvered, glass double walled evaucated flasks. The wide mouth cylindrical Dewar is available with a choice of either protective mesh or extended aluminum housing and also the popular narrow mouth spherical configuration..Lab Grade Dewars for benchtop use come with polyethylene lids.
Handled Lab Grade
Dewar offers a complete Lab Grade Dewar at an affordable price. The most popular wide mouth cylindrical Dewars are manufactured with a full extended aluminum base, full exposed lip and attached handle to facilitate portability, safety and convenience.
To further improve the efficiency of the Narrow Mouth Dewar, aluminum caddies can be purchased separately. To extend the use of your Dewar, additional stoppers for lab grade models are available for purchase to replace lost or worn stoppers. are available for purchase.
  Manufactured for service of liquid nitrogen
Standard lab izes for benchtop use
Fully silvered borosilicate glass
Aluminum base with sealed evacuated tip
For optimum results temper the Dewar per instructions included