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Lightweight and sturdy, the Caddie for Part Numbers 8698 and 8697 now comes in Aluminum. These prove ideal for local carrying or decanting Lab Grade Spherical Dewars. They can be used repeatedly by simply removing bottom retainer, inserting a new Dewar, and replacing the retainer. Gaskets help center Dewar and hold it firmly in place. The aluminum top snaps into place.


Pope Lab Grade Dewars are supplied with stoppers for the wide mouth model and for the narrow mouth cylindrical Dewars. Need another one? Replacement stoppers can be purchased separately; use the Dewar model number to identify the stopper you need replaced.

30270 Caddie for 8697 Aluminum, Narrow Mouth Caddie
30380 Caddie for 8698 Aluminum, Narrow Mouth Caddie
8821 Stopper – Series 8621 & 8921 Caddie
8842 Stopper – Series 8642 & 8942 Caddie
8845 Stopper – Series 8600/40/45 & 8900/8945 Caddie


To further improve the efficiency of the Narrow Mouth Dewar, caddies can be purchased separately. To extend the use of your Dewar, additional stoppers to replace lost or worn stoppers are available for purchase.

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS Such as Pope Premium Dewars in custom sizes and models for low temperature research can be found by viewing the Custom Manufacturing page of our site.

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